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Need Maintenance?

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If you own an RV, motor home, travel trailer, or 5th wheel, you know the freedom it can give you. But keeping your pride and joy in great roadworthy shape takes a team of RV service and repair specialists.
And that is exactly where Nathan’s RV Service & Repair can help.
From electrical and plumbing repairs to axle and brake work on trailers, our experienced and trained technicians can fix and solve just about anything.
When you get service work or repairs done from Nathan’s RV Service & Repair, you can be absolutely certain that your RV is in the best hands possible.
We have a wide range of services that will help keep you rolling smoothly down the road. Give us a call today at (970) 232-9914 for an estimate on services and repairs.
We provide top-notch quality service to motor homes, travel trailers, and 5th wheels.
Our Wide Range of RV Services
Below you will find a detailed list of our RV services. Click on any of the services to learn more.
  • Appliance Repair – Refrigerator repair, furnace repair, A/C unit repair,etc.
  • Awning Repair and Installation – RV awning repair, installation, awning hardware repair
  • Electronic Installation and Repair – RV satellite equipment installation, TV installation, etc.
  • Hitches and Tow Bars – Tow hitch bar installation, tow bar repair, brake control repair, etc.
  • Leveling and Slideouts – Hydraulic RV leveling system repair, trailer jack repair, etc.
  • Oil Changes – Generator oil changes (diesel and gas)
  • Plumbing – Water pump repair, toilet repair, leak repair, sewer hose repair, etc.
  • Solar and Electrical – RV converter installation, inverter installation, generator service, etc.
  • Trailer Suspension and Brake Repair – Trailer brake repair, repacking bearings, etc.
Questions? Call Us at (970) 232-9914

RV Appliance Repair Service
RVs and trailers are filled with all the amenities from home including microwaves, water heaters, A/C units and refrigeration. Keeping your “home on wheels” operating properly is imperative to the success of any RV trip.
There is nothing worse than your A/C breaking down on your summer vacation or your water heater trickling out ice-cold water while up north. Prevent these things from happening to you by scheduling your annual maintenance with Nathan’s RV Service & Repair.
Our experienced technicians will evaluate the overall operation while servicing your RV and possibly prevent a more costly repair. You can easily maintain your unit with our annual maintenance packages to preserve your appliances' health.
Our appliance repair services are available for:
  • RV Furnace Repair
  • RV Stove Range Repair
  • RV A/C Unit Repair
  • RV Refrigerator Repair
  • RV Microwave Repair
  • RV Sink Repair
  • RV Bathtub Repair
We work on the following major brands and products:
  • Atwood RV Appliances
  • Dometic RV Appliances
  • Norcold RV Appliances
  • Suburban RV Appliances
  • Hydro Hot RV Appliances
  • PrecisionTemp RV Appliances
  • Aqua-Hot RV Appliances
  • Hurricane RV Appliances
If you do run into a problem, don’t hesitate to call and schedule an appointment. Our service technicians are knowledgeable with brands such as Dometic, Norcold, Suburban, and many more. From servicing to repairs, Nathan’s RV Service & Repair is your reliable source.
To get more information, or to schedule to receive service, please call us at (970) 232-9914.

Nathan’s RV Service & Repair, our technicians are very experienced with a wide variety of awnings.
We can help you with specific parts like awning pull straps all the way to installing a completely new awning. We have you covered.
We offer the following Awning Repair and Installation services:
  • RV Awning Repair
  • RV Awning Installation
  • RV Window Awning Repair
  • RV Window Awning Installation
  • Slideout Cover Installation
  • Replacement of RV Awning Fabrics
  • RV Awning Hardware Repair
  • Electric Hardware RV Awning Upgrade
Some of the awning brands we service includes:
  • Girard RV Awnings
  • Carefree RV Awnings and RV Window Covers
  • Dometic RV Awnings
  • A&E Awnings, Window Covers, and Slideout Covers
And don’t forget about your slide toppers! Slide toppers are material that rolls out over your slideout while your slide is extended. Just like your main awning, it covers your RV from the harsh elements. When it’s time to replace the material, call Nathan’s RV Service & Repair for fast and friendly service.
Awning insulation is a complex operation and it can leave you frustrated. Many times you can damage your new awning parts or material with one wrong move. Let our trained technicians take care of it for you and leave the hard work up to us!
To get more information, or to schedule to receive service, please call us at (970) 232-9914.

Whether you’re towing your vehicle behind your RV or hauling your 5th wheel to your next vacation destination, safety should always be first. The educated staff at Nathan’s RV Service & Repair can help guide you to your perfect towing setup.
Many RVers want to take their car when traveling to go explore. Installing a tow bar system can give you that freedom. All of your towing needs from electronic braking systems to safety cables can be handled at one place. Nathan’s RV Service & Repair has knowledgeable staff to guide you along the way.
If trailers are more your style, you’ll have a wide variety of hitches to choose from. Avoid putting your family’s safety at risk! Equip yourself with the appropriate equipment for the job.
We offer the following Hitches and Tow Bar services:
  • Tow Hitch Repair and Installation
  • Tow Bar Repair and Installation
  • Weight Distribution Hitch Repair and Installation
  • Brake Control Repair and Installation
  • Brake System Repair and Installation
  • Automatic Trailer Towing Equipment Repair and Installation
Some of the hitches and tow bar brands we offer include:
  • Reese Tow Hitches
  • Eaz-Lift Tow Hitches
  • Equalizer Tow Hitches
  • Receiver Tow Hitches
  • Curt Trailer Hitches
  • Blue Ox Tow Bars
  • Roadmaster Tow Bars
  • 5th Wheel Hitches
  • and much more…
To get more information, or to schedule to receive service, please call us at (970) 232-9914.

Leveling systems of all types can help ensure the best parking for your unit.
Having your trailer unlevel can not only become very annoying, but it can hinder the use of your appliances. RV refrigerators and other appliances cannot operate at full capacity when unlevel. If you’re in the market for a leveling system or just need repairs, Nathan’s RV Service & Repair can help.
We offer the following Leveling and Slideout services:
  • Hydraulic and Electric RV Leveling System Repair
  • RV Trailer Jack Repair
  • RV Electric Tongue Jack Repair
  • RV Slideout Maintenance
  • RV Slideout Repairs
  • Slideout Repair and Adjustments
Some of the leveling systems we service include:
  • HWH Hydraulic Leveling Systems
  • Power Gear Leveling Systems
  • RVA Leveling Systems
  • BAL Manual Leveling Jacks
  • Ultra-Fab Trailer Jacks
  • Atwood Electric Tongue RV Jacks
  • Husky Electric Tongue RV Jacks
  • Barker Electric Tongue RV Jacks
  • Lippert RV Slideouts
  • Bigfoot RV Slideouts
  • Venture RV Slideouts
  • HWH RV Slideouts
Slideouts can maximize the space inside of any RV or trailer. Maintaining the slides is important to the overall operation of them. Nathan’s RV Service & Repair offers an annual maintenance guide for your all your slideout needs. Our slideout maintenance package includes inspecting slide operation and inspection of seals, lubrication of all tracks and gear slides, treating rubber seals and wipers, and checking the battery's condition.
Don’t leave your vacation up to chance. Call us at (970) 232-9914 to schedule your appointment today!

Generator – Gas Oil Change
Standard Oil Change – Every 100 Hours or Yearly
  1. General Inspection of Unit
  2. Change Oil and Install Up to 4 Qts of 15W40 or 30W Oil
  3. Change Oil Filter If Applicable
  4. Check Condition of Air Filter

Generator – Diesel Oil Change
Below you will find a list of our different oil changes for diesel generators:
Standard Oil Change – 150 Hours or Yearly
  1. General Inspection
  2. Change Oil and Install Up to 4 Qts of 15W40
  3. Check Condition of Air Filter and Clean/ or Replace.
  4. Check Condition of Air Filter
Is your toilet or sink leaking in your RV? Or maybe it’s time to replace those black and grey valves. Nathan’s RV Service & Repair can repair all of your plumbing problems! Don’t frustrate yourself; leave it to the trained professionals to handle the repairs. Fresh-water as well as black-water repairs are routine at Nathan’s RV Service & Repair.
We are familiar with many fresh water and sanitation brands such as Thetford, Sealand, Shurflo, Phoenix, and many more.
We offer the following RV Plumber Repair services:
  • RV Water Pump Repair
  • RV Toilet Repair
  • RV Leak Repair
  • RV Freeze Damage Repair
  • RV Holding Tank Repair
  • Gate Valve Repair
  • RV Holding Tank Flushing
  • RV Sink Repair
  • RV Tub Repair
  • Service Pex Tubing
  • RV Sewer Cleaning
  • RV Drain Cleaning
  • Leaks Traced and Repaired
  • All Types of Repiping Services
  • RV Water Heaters Repaired and Replaced
  • Expert Troubleshooting and Diagnosis
  • and much more…
Some of the major brands we service include:
  • SHURflo RV Appliances
  • Flojet RV Appliances
  • Thetford RV Appliances
  • Sealand by Dometic Appliances
To get more information or to schedule to receive service, please call us at (970) 232-9914.

The operation of your brakes is critical for the safety of you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road. Nathan’s RV Service & Repair offers a wide variety of brake maintenance and repairs for your RV or trailer.
Our trailer wheel bearing pack service is affordable and necessary to keep you driving down the road safely. Adjusting brakes, replacing magnets, testing breakaway switches and repairing wiring are just a few things we can do for your trailer.
At Nathan’s RV Service & Repair, we can inspect, repair or replace almost any component in your suspension or braking system!
It’s common for the trailer to have low ground clearance. This makes it hard for you to reach your favorite camping spots! This problem can be easily be remedied by performing an axle flip. Axle flips can increase the ground clearance enabling you to drive along without causing damage to your trailer.
We offer the following Trailer Suspension and Brake Repair services:
  • Trailer Suspension Repair and Installation
  • Trailer Brake Inspection and Repair
  • Repacking Bearings
  • Brake Controls
  • Towed Vehicle Brake Systems
  • Axle Flips
  • and much more…
To get more information, or to schedule to receive service, please call us at (970) 232-9914

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